Meet the Team


South Gloucestershire Medical Research Unit

Dr Sam Davies

I am an experienced Principal Investigator and the lead research doctor at the Medical Research Unit, and have been PI in over 20 commercial studies and 35 university sponsored studies.

I am passionate about research in a General Practice setting and have an interest in all studies investigating General Practice-related medications or conditions. We have a wide range of studies looking at all sorts of conditions at any one time.

I won the national RCGP/NIHR Award for excellence in October 2016. I regularly update my Good Clinical Practice training and oversee the research-related training of our team.

I am supported by two excellent research nurses, who undertake the patient study visits and respond to queries, a research administrator, and a team of doctors who are involved in helping both as sub-investigators and in identifying eligible patients for the studies we run.

Please feel free to contact me via the links below if you have any queries about our involvement in the research studies.

Jane Deacon

I have been a Registered Nurse for 31 years and have worked in various specialities in both Secondary and Primary care settings.

I have always had an interest in clinical research and my first role was working on a study about the factors affecting wound healing.  This role initiated an interest in wound care and I have continued to develop my knowledge and skills, particularly in leg ulcer management.

I worked as a Specialist leg ulcer nurse with the Gloucestershire vascular team and led the Gloucestershire community leg ulcer service. This was a research based team and I was involved in multiple projects over 7 years. These included an ongoing study looking at the effects of superficial venous surgery on leg ulcer healing and recurrence rates and how a “one-stop” community leg ulcer service offering a full assessment and ongoing specialist treatment affected healing and recurrence in leg ulcers.

This research was published in medical journals and presented internationally at vascular meetings.


Nicola Willey

Since qualifying as a nurse, I have worked on a range of medical wards at Southmead hospital.

I have always been interested in working in research. Prior to completing my nursing degree, I undertook a psychology degree, so have learnt a lot about research!

Clinical research is so interesting, and forms the basis of everything we do in healthcare.

To be a part of research within a primary care setting means we see a wide variety of trials, covering many aspects of health.

Alison Williams

Having worked as an accomplished P.A. for the Prison Service, I provide a confidential and professional administrative service for the Research Team.

I can see the value, and importance of health research, how it can provide key information about disease trends and risk factors, outcomes of treatment or public health interventions, all so very significant to improve the lives of our patients.